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Tattoo Apprentice's Toolkit

Tattoo Apprentice's Toolkit

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 Whether you are trying to earn a tattoo apprenticeship or are already a working licensed tattooer, the Tattoo Apprentice's Toolkit will help you hone your skills, gain confidence and develop your own style within tattooing.

The Tattoo Apprentice's Toolkit is designed to:

  • Help aspiring tattoo artists prepare their portfolio for tattoo apprenticeships,
  • Provide tools for mentors to ensure that they are providing the best education for their apprentices
  • Help supplement working apprentices and new tattoo artists as they embark on their new career as professional tattooers.

What's Included?

Fireside Foundations

Foundations is our flagship tattoo design course for beginners. Foundations teaches the Fireside Method of Tattoo Design focusing on drawing principles as they relate to the specific challenges the human body provides

Fireside Thumbnail Templates

Thumbnailing is an often overlooked but incredibly valuable exercise for tattooers. Regular thumbnailing helps tattooers solve their biggest problems early in the design process saving time, effort and frustration.

Inside Fireside Tattoo Club

We are the community you've been seeking, one dedicated to enhancing your artistic and technical skills while nurturing your passion for tattooing.

Our commitment to your growth is manifested through a diverse array of activities. From weekly drawing nights and technique talks to our monthly drawing challenges, Mindset Monday meetings, and Critique nights, we offer plenty of opportunities to explore and elevate your craft.

Learn more about the Tattoo Apprentice's Toolkit HERE

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