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Find Your Style Seminar-NYC

Find Your Style Seminar-NYC

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Find Your Style-A Tattooers Guide 

One of the most common struggles for tattooers is identifying and developing a unique style of work.

Often, our solution to this problem is to mimic the work of our favorite artists, trying to “steal their tricks” and hoping that our own style will magically appear. Unfortunately, with this approach,  we often end up looking like second hand versions of the artists we are emulating.

The great news is you already have a unique style, a way of making marks that is completely your own. What is most likely missing are the necessary tools to help develop your marks so that you can create dynamic designs that are unique to you. Designs that your peers and clients immediately recognize as “your style”.

In this seminar, I will go through each step of my unique process including:

  • An Introduction to the "Fireside Method" of tattoo design
  • How to control the consultation (without the client knowing) 
  • How (and why) to use "if/then" scenarios to reduce your options
  • How to use reference (without becoming a slave to it) 
  • How to use the principles of the Fireside Method to tackle unique challenges such as designing for darker skin tones
  • The tools I use to self critique my work.
  • More!!

Nobody ever solved a problem by adding complexity, and the goal of this seminar is to simplify your tattoo life so that your unique mark making can shine through.

See you there!

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